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Re: Problem with sreng

Not to mention, you took that screenshots when you kept trying to kill all the mobs in summoning chambers while i was trying to lix with my ranger. Not everything appears as it seems Ohh no you were ksing me and they came and cleared everything tell them how it went .. Ksing doesn't exist, that's w...

Re: Problem with sreng

And that is why nobody likes you nutrition Nobody Huh? Is that why no one in clan likes you or even supports you at all kid all u do is run your mouth every single time I got told by so many of your clannies no one likes u only reason why your even in your a damn druid and many don't even know me b...

Re: Problem with sreng

What a coincidence, most of the havocians I keep reporting are in here, maybe this time an admin will do something about it :roll: Bass, you were in arena. You logged off. Tortuga420 logged in. I threatened to report. Tortuga420 logged off. SeeBass logged in. Yes! OTM please! Do something about the...

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