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Re: Hybrid or wind build for lvling?

I'd be curious about taking a druid and a mage pre carrow when mages didn't have attunement. Or if you want to make a test of full potential then the mage would lure their elemental damage and magic lure. Also no skulls or quick recast items. I'm just curious as I was able to get kill on the last e...

Re: Hybrid or wind build for lvling?

I say event boss because that is the closest thing to a "normal training mob" scaled up. Therefore, if a mage can beat a druid on that boss it is almost guaranteed to be better dps for leveling How would you even test on an event boss? Have a tank pull aggro and then have mage vs druid at...

Re: Server Gear Distribution

Mabon Myrmidon Main bosses earn our members DKP. Points vary per boss. We post kills/groups in a out of game free messenging apps. or I have seen other clans set up forums. This keeps track of players activity in bossing, which is 1 point of recognition when giving out DL/edl. These points are also ...

Re: Need druids!

Lol you don't think so? The only thing warriors can do is tank. We can pull aggro, (heals pull massively, DOT does as well. I'm always the one walking a boss) and calm others to reach the same effect. And warriors can't tank anything without us. We can also deal out massive damage with just 1-4 skil...

Re: Need druids!

We have the same problem. Our banks have a record low frozen gear for Druids and rogues, but, a plethora of Druid DL+

What happened to y'all? Druid in DL is when we become the most OP class in game. Stick it out, hit 150-170 and you will see what I mean

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