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Re: Better DPS

Being a route player I always thought I could out damage any class of my level area, recently though it seems I'm starting to question if mages are better DPS material. Since I'm not that far in to the game yet, being that I just entered stonevale not that long ago, I want to know, which is ultimat...

Re: boss respawn times

Yep also bitey is off a bit on most all of the times they are approximately correct though. Every time someone asks for times I read it as: "Hi. You know those boss times you painstakingly timed out over months using several notebooks and finally a spreadsheet, only possible after hundreds of ...

Re: Server Gear Distribution

Im also curious to hear how clans treat alt/mains - differently or the same - and if differently have you had problems of people lying about who logs the toons to game the system. Mains only for main auction gear. Auction host clarifies which items have limited access. Having 2+ players at Lvls for...

Re: Spawn Windows

Oran wrote:Dose it follow dl spawn pattern 1:30 1:40 ext with 1:30 window ???

DL has a down time, 1hr and higher, and then 5 minute window. You only need to camp for 5 minutes.

Re: boss respawn times

LeGenDzZ wrote:
killstealer wrote:
LeGenDzZ wrote:2-4 days

48 hrs closed 48 hours open window for aggy. At least give one of the bosses names lol.
Looking on biteys guide gives you good timers.

2-4 days for all the bosses mentioned above

You are misinformed. It's close but the hours are different.

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