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Re: Problem with sreng

It's great OTM made crowns more available but by making sreng drop crowns it will now be camped by top end clans. This means smaller clans like cursed souls on morrigan who get their dl chestplates from sreng will no longer be able to complete their sets. If your going to make sreng drop crowns you...

Re: Best mainhand for dps?

In this case blunt is only used for rupture. So blunt ability doesn't affect the accuracy of Landing rupture. (Melee combat does that.) but, having blunt ability maxed will add a small (very small and almost unnoticeable) amount of damage to your hits/rupture. I would use axe till 185+ before sugges...

Re: Best mainhand for dps?

Ben wrote:Hi, new player here

If I want the best dps, which main-hand type should I go for?
Sword, spear, axe, or hammer?

And 180+ spear from mordy. (Train it once you get there.) Don't worry about it

Re: Starting a Ranger :)

Alright, so to start off the guide at the top is good for general things. You asked for dual devicing tips, however, in addition to lux tips. Rangers are really cool for two reasons for dual devicers: 1) they can pair easily with any other class (though for optimal dmg output it is suggested to go ...

Re: Shrivewood or spiritseed

Focus has diminishing returns. Increasing ability dies not. Having equipped the shrive and spirit sets, heals and other support skills are higher with shrive than spirit. When spirit might be better - You have energy problems and need more energy from focus or if you want some defense boost from th...

Re: Shrivewood or spiritseed

So I've been wondering what set would be better for a 200+ Druid? Ps (the vit from shrive would help me-the dex from spirt would help me) so that does not matter Only worried about the focus parts and/or shrives ability boost Shrive ammy, Spider charm, necro ring. A Better combination imo. I used b...

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