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Re: Bob's Fire Mage Guide

Was thinking about making an updated version for some of the mage guides when I noticed that there was no fire mage guide on the forums. Well, that is about to change! First some general information about what makes fire mages so hot. (pun was 100% intented :lol: ) -) Fire Mages have the best DPS i...

Re: Fastest gele time._.

Curry30423 wrote:Just wondering what's urs._. Ours was 12 mins 36 seconds and we had 49 on.-. (Supposedly we did once with roughly 11 mins but I don't remember._.) Could've had like 52ish is some more logged , lag was crazy tho but still._.

I heard fingal killed gele in 9mins
Dunno if its true tho

Re: Some Quest Thoughts

From a recent discussion on our Rhiannon social group: Reason why the armour quests suck (in general - bear with me). They are lazy and frustrating quests, because: * From Warden through Doch, it's the same freakin' quest, just washed and rinsed with different bosses. * Regularly timed spawns activ...

Re: @Team OTM

This problem is all worlds and it occurs the most at gelebron and proteus raids. High volume, high price raids. These raids cost hundreds of thousands of gold. Tons of plat based items. From the players perspective this is a scam. If we sent you all a list of how much gold/rl $ we lost a month beca...

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