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Re: Where are we heading?

The new update is cool and all but as other players have stated is just a re-skinned of previous content. I kind of have the feeling that VR really has not interest in maintaining this game. I believe that they just want to retain us with this repetitive updates until their new game is release with...

Where are we heading?

Question is pretty simple, so i hope the Admins respond to it. Where is this game heading? Whats currently in the making? Whats currently planned? etc. Im sure im not the only one playing this game that has these questions. Lets be real, as great as this mini event sounds, it seemed like it was rush...

Re: Bloodthorn bash

i love the idea of this event, but please remove the need for pots. That's just way too many pots needed for a weekend. Also chances are most clans will try and kill it in their non regular raid times and possibly wipe, and waste so many pots.

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