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Re: Dragon Alert!!

Wolfenstien wrote:
Schwing wrote:
Ventius wrote:
So youre telling me its possible to have 4 smolach 210 6 spawning at aggy?

Possible yes but given the random pool has about 30 dragons extremely unlikely.

Re: Dragon Alert!!

Wolfenstien wrote:Lol youre gonna kill us.
So the spawn points were change exclusively for this event to spawn by mord and aggy?

Yup so depending on how carefully you pull you could end up fighting 5 dragons at once, 1 being Mord or Aggy the other 4 being any random dragons that have ever appeared in game.

Re: Dragon Alert!!

To be clear Mordis and Aggragoth will be on 6 hour timers along with some random draconic friends alongside them. Normal spawn points will outside of these will not have modified timers.

Re: Well hello there VR ;)

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