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Re: Heeeeelp!!! The famous Awesome Bank has been wiped

Have you sent a support ticket? If not do so. It seems a lot of items were mailed out today to a member of your clan. :shock: :o Someone being shady In a video game right, the last bastion of honesty! (for the love of god stop sharing all your infos) Anyway MrScar send a ticket....and answer your pm.

Re: Dragon Count in Each Pit

https://s8.postimg.cc/dbiv0d685/66891367-7_F2_D-4_C3_E-_A274-1_DFB3_F2_CD31_F.png I love it lol. Saw the invisible drake too, would be super cool if you guys could update his textures or whatever needs fixing with him. Do you know which one it was? That said I kinda like the idea of an invisible dr...

Re: Dragon Count in Each Pit

Making it where any possible dragon can spawn is kinda silly lol ...we had a dragon spawn that drops items for quests that were removed years ago ...Should have just made it the legacy event dragons, because It really is a great idea if the randomness was only applied to legacy and not random arcan...

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