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Re: The real reason behind reset

Seasalty123 wrote:
Schwing wrote:
Corrupt wrote:Another nerf to apostate spawn.

Was going to buff warriors but this is a better idea.

Release bounty helm drop rate from bounty bags or riots will fill the streets of Farage Castle! :D

Might be challenging to take rioters wearing pink fairy wings seriously.

Re: The Dino raid.

Would be nice to have a book we can open that has what each boss does in a little summary, kinda like how World of Warcraft has the Adventure guide for each raid. Tells you a little bit about the mechanics of the raid so you can plan and strategize before tackling the boss but I dunno what ya'll ar...

Re: The Dino raid.

Ofc it is possible with the tools we have... we did our best attempt this weekend and hit dino pretty hard but we have to rely so heavily on rng still. Some resources available to the servers that kill dino currently aren’t available to every server Which specific RNG elements are you referring to?...

Re: The Dino raid.

The boss was always intended to be very challenging not the kind of thing you'd roll over in a few days or even weeks and requiring more organization than previous bosses. That said we're watching progress and it's clearly, demonstrably not impossible using the tools at your disposal. However if it ...

Re: Feedback on The Adventurer mini event - Mabon player

Its cool to see you let a player run a mini event and make it seem official. Is he like a special exception? How did he manage to convince you to do that. o.o What if someone else asked to do something special? Did you make the account a wee special at least? I saw an invisible him walking away som...

Re: Feedback on The Adventurer mini event - Mabon player

Oh cool! Love the way that Reds helped out then! didn't actually see the thing, but that's awesome that you guys hopped on this so well, pls do more!!! We really haven't done anything except provide some tools and rewards, this is entirely conceived and run by one imaginative player just for fun.

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