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Re: Not happy

Yesteryear, I tried what you said and it sort of worked out. My attacks are a bit better and I made it to the black rev room solo. But of course (me being the gump that I am) I made a mistake and ran inti the avatar. So I got pwnd. But thnx for the help anyway.

Re: Not happy

I used to be able to get into the black rev room and only loose close to half my total health, and I'm a Mage. Now I can't even get in there. Therefore no lvling. Everytime I try those stupid monsters follow me for twice the time they used to. Ad my firebolt lvl 10 is only hitting 90s and 100s on bo...

Re: Need game info

With the chesspieces, in crookback hollow just before the kitchen room there is a chess apprentice. If you repeatedly kill him then a chess master will spawn and when you kill him you will get a chesspiece. Another place is in the bandit camp by the temple. If you kill th flintblade lootguards for a...

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