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Re: Wolves raffle draw

Congratulations to the winners of our very first raffle draw!
Spartikis won a great axe for the weapon prize.
Belladonna won a plate breastplate for the armour prize.
Thanks to all the people who paid their fee.
Special thanks to Drizzt and Spartikis for also donating some equipment to the fund.

Re: Vitality or focus

Ok thanks for the posts. Well I have an embossed plate breastplate, hammered plate boots, embossed plate greaves and plate helm. I'm also trying to buy a banded kiteshield of one of my clan members. Do you think this would be enough to be a vitality Mage?

Vitality or focus

Ok so I've seen all of Yesteryears posts about lvling ice magic and getting lots of energy. I've also seen Magikas post about having loads of vitality and how that works. But I'm thinking of getting a book of rebirth soon, and I was wondering if anyone has tried both of the builds. If you have can y...

Re: Order of Arawn

Hi Im wolf from Wolves and I would just like to wish you luck with your recruiting process. I hope you turn into a strong clan.

Wolves raffle draw

This is just a forum to post results for our clan raffle each week. For any clan members who don't already know, the time of the draw is at GMT+12 10am Sunday. Convert that to your time and day, and be online for the draw. Our first draw will be this Sunday. I'm in New Zealand so when I say Sunday i...

Re: Clan: Wolves

Just to let everyone know. We now have a clan raffle. Once a week every member gives 100 coins to my sub account: blaster. Then I will draw two names out of a hat. One will get a weapon and the other a piece of armour. The aim of this is to build the clan up and get people involved. But it also help...

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