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Re: Sever torn apart

Markwarsilver wrote:So the fourms are...welll glad u dont want me in sever

Lol didn't say that. Because you said ever since you left it's torn apart, well i was saying ever since you left it has gotten better. Nothing much...

Re: Sever torn apart

How exactly is it torn apart? If anything, I say it is getting better. We have a new big clan, less scams now, more scammers rotting away. More nice people.

Sorry to break it down like this but Mark ever since you left it has gotten better Lol...

Re: Need list of scammers

Don't ask these mother f**** for transfers,


THEY ARE ALL SCAMMERS! Advise everyone not ask them for transfers if u see them.

Re: Suspect 2 CAPTURED!

I have one problem however. Uzi, please check your facts. The suspect is from Chechnya, not Saudi Arabia. He was not flown to Saudi Arabia. Obama didn't even make the arrest. And it is unlikely Obama is Muslim, as the swearing in is done on a Bible. Please, religion is a topic that is a persons per...

Re: Suspect 2 CAPTURED!

And the Obama thing was an example, nothing more than implying he isn't human. I'm saying he is being treated like a God, so i don't think it's fair to compare the minds of the one who runs an entire nation and man.

There's too many perspectives to this, that's why it's no use mentioning.

Re: Suspect 2 CAPTURED!

I do believe i said this isn't a arguement nor any callout. But sorry if it seems that way.

Thanks for your opinion, we all have our own. But it stays a fact that non of us are not 100% of what we believe. (Even myself)

Re: Suspect 2 CAPTURED!

I'm talking about your statement. Unfortantly it's not the 90s anymore. Adapt to world change, and your comparing man to someone who is treated almost like a God. I find that funny seeing as how much power Obama holds to just simply point cut throat to a country and it will be annihilated. That's th...

Re: Suspect 2 CAPTURED!

Basically, what I'm understanding here is that people try to look deeper at certain situations but don't use cold hard facts and logic when they are obvious. Obama has kids, people. Do you think a man with kids is going to kill innocent kids at Sandy Hook and the kid at the bombing? No! People say ...

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