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Re: Dropping Shadow Strike?

I've been farming sewercrawlers for 4 days now. I have gotten 7 stinging swarm tomes, pleanty of skewers, lots of explosive arrows, some defensive formations, merely 1 frostbite, and 0 shadowstrike tomes. At this rate, i'll probably get one by next year.

Re: How's my build?

Not exactly, my ranger was always 200 strength up to level 195, with exactly 350 vitality (160 vitality is 1000 health). I just kept adding dexterity along the way.

Re: How's my build?

I noticed you were new on morrigan, hi welcome lol. Anyway, rangers mostly rely mainly on dexterity untill level 150. For example, your strength should be half of your dexterity.

Re: 200 edl Pit

I tried the moonclaw room on my ranger at level 201. It was awful, moonclaw kept getting aggro from agonizing strike proc. The rectangle room south of 2nd summoning leystone proved much more benefitual.

Re: Why are we so under powered?

Druids having a 'nature's attunement' doesn't sound quite realistic. Be more specific, a skill that enhances your nature's touch and nature's breath. Or perhaps a skill that increases damage to lightning strike and storm touch. Regarding storm touch, that skill is literally called storm TOUCH. Fixin...

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