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Hey SeeBass here i wanted to clearify that neogie kicked me about 2 ish weeks ago because she didn't like my bitchy attitude. Then neo told me that i had a problem with pyro and she also told me that he left the clan because i insulted his son, i talked with Pyrojoker the day and he told me he left ...

Re: its sad...

Wow finally someone spoke up I've been trying to literally solve the problem I've talked with a few people that would maybe tell me what was going on between sweets and neogie. I know that neo wasn't the one who started saying sweets was skullcrusher. Sweets had told me she said behemoth was skull b...

Re: my time in ch

Sorry to see you go mate. I've seen you struggle and get everyone to atleast believe and stay stable but nobody could do that. I believe this will probably impact me the most because, well mate you'd told me some things that i doubt you told anyone else or maybe you've told me before anyone else. It...

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