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Warning to all servers

One of the generals in my clan just got her account broken into and all of her gear was stolen.... so please, if someone in epona tries to xfer with you and won't prove who their main is, don't do it. And to clans; if someone xfers to your server who seems richer than they should be, be suspicious.

Re: Question to DPS rogues

Sneakylistia wrote:The wyldshrine sun ammy is good tho

Wyld is more of a locking ammy, the skill is terrible on eg bosses (plus wolf mount skill outclasses it nowadays) and no attack bonus besides the Dex.

Re: What is the best server?

Just about any server can make an argument about why they are the best. What kind of player are you and what are you looking for in your server? Without specifics of what you like then their isn't a best server. Exactly, that's one of the things I like about this game; there's great diversity in se...

Re: Hello Epona

Welcome to the server :)
Not many epona players use forums anymore, so I'd recommend joining our wechat groups. Pm me for more info!

Question to DPS rogues

I've been wondering.... has anyone tried using trailblazers falcon ammy alone? It seems pretty good... 150 strength, 150 dex, 300 attack, 70 hp and 50 energy regens. Has anyone tried comparing it to runic valour?

Re: Servers down

Loco cola wrote:
TheLordOfDiablos wrote:Epona almost missed our scheduled gele kill because of these server issues :?

Epona schedules bosses?

Only gele, everything else is killed on spawn. It's just so one Timezone doesn't dominate the kills.

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