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Re: Arena problem

Thank you. Dont we always say that your reputation follows you? If someone is there and doesnt help, well thats on you. I know most of us look out for each other. If someone isnt... Idk what to tell you. Goodluck?

Re: Arena problem

Are we running out if things to do so much that we need this topic? Theres a crazy drunk guy who shows up and attacks people. Hes been doing it for a year and never gets banned. Hes vulgar and whispers ppl. You know who i mean. Theres no topic on him. These 2 jokers are known and get dealt with. If ...

Re: Dicing concerns

I know I havent been on recently but... I know what this topic is relating to. I myself have actually had a decent win ratio with the limited amount of times dicing. I do know that some folks seem to win a higher % and the only real way to 'unload' dice is to roll again. If, in fact its possible to ...

Re: Lughs First Necro Kill

I didnt get to see the entire spectrum of the fight but in dps2 we could've traded a rogue for a rng for sharpen. Other than that, it seemed that our group worked very well. Ty Luk for leading and calling 'run' and congrats xrog for not lagging up. Also, i am able to borrow a blade leaf set next tim...

Re: Lughs First Necro Kill

I want to publicly thank and show support for add groups. I know they arent glorious and theres never enough credit to them but for this fight they were paramount. I was able, along with my group, to go and rip Necro. Without the add groups holding it down we wouldn't have succeeded. Thanks guys!!!

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