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Re: Druid reqs for 200

Has anyone seen Spigot???? No. He's 193 and hasn't played since umm maybe April or May. It's October now. Druids are not handicapped and shouldn't be treated as such. With the available tank gear and relative ease of the boss the Druid level should be common level. Reward all the druids that reached...

Re: Yes or no

Don't forget that first and foremost it's a business. If their actions aren't costing them $ and they are still making $ then don't be surprised if nothing is done. $ talks BS walks. I don't know the people you're talking about but if their sharing is only sharing without detriment to the game then ...

Re: Yes or no

If it's that easy then Otm OBVIOUSLY lets ppl get away with it then. I could rattle off names of ppl I KNOW but can't prove yet they continue on... Besides scamming it has allowed entire clans to level alts. I've seen alts at 100 on a Monday and camping snorri on Friday. Just an example.

Re: Yes or no

It's hard to prove. Even for Otm. Especially if the ppl live near each other. If they check and see ip adresses from say, Australia and New York City logging in regularly, then Ya it's safe to assume. Other than that, it would take more than a conversation you had with someone. Sorry for the small r...

Transfer ammy & blade

I will transfer Heroic ammy and golden blade from Lugh to Sulis. We can do this on dual device at same time without middle man. I have a good rep on Lugh so no issues there. Thanks.

Re: Banned!

Send an email to appeals@onethumbmobile.com if you haven't already. Include your account name, character name, world server and short reason why they should let you back. That's the first step to getting your account back. If you have been banned previously for any reason then chances are you won't ...

Re: Lugh's ARENA Decorum

Ugh... My God! The way we do things here are few actual rules. The rest is a grand mutual respect for one another. We see individuals and not clan tags. Most of us have some sort of relationship whether it was leveling or doing early bosses together. The processes which we follow werent just impleme...

Re: afk for Killain

Afk is kind of at your own risk. If u give reasonable time and they dont come back then too bad. If hes almost dead then its your choice and it shouldn't be held against you if you keep it. Pay attention. I'm guilty of this as are many others and if i look at my chat log n see ppl tried to get my at...

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