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Re: Another weapon from dhino killed after reset today on Arawn

Non legit kill used root glitch and let it rage and didn't use 25 dg toons LOL try dhino again in 2021 when you have the exact setups and gear to beat it properly... Sorry channelling my inner zkills I mean it’s the only logical way to think about it and any game developers that actually cared woul...

Re: Apostate Spawn Location

People who’ve gotten the drop before. It’s just, rightfully so, extremely rare but I don’t see why the spawn points would have been changed. Obviously. I'm asking specifically for names so it's not like someone speculated and told someone else and that guy presented it as fact to the next. To repea...

Re: 18 Mins Dino Kill

Epona has killed dino before 15 minutes but still 18 minutes is alright I know a lot of the endgame guys on Epona and no one claimed this? In fact, unless I’m mistaken the only pre rage kill on Epona was when you could push the boss back to avoid the orbs. Just because we don’t run to the forum to ...

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