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Re: The Walking Dead (It's Time!)

Have you seen the season5 tralier? I thought I saw Garreth teaming with Rick and peeps. :shock: --need to rewatch!! Btw, you said that Morgan's back. Is this comic-info or did he actually appear on the show during the few milliseconds i used to blink my eyes?? Anyways, I'm glad Rick's back to being ...

Re: Respecting People's Religion

"Religion should not be forced" Okay, I can agree to that. However, I would defenitely add that religion should be shared. If religion was never shared, there wouldn't be the variety we see today...its possible religions wouldn't even exist. Which dials back to the non-progressive war over...

Re: Fruits :D

Bananas ONLY! The simplest of fruits and the best of fruits, Bananas are what bring heaven to me. It's as if they were designed for my opposable thumbs. Oh...one can never find such beauty and eleagance in another. Although clearly phallus-shaped, the Banana tingles my taste buds in the purest of wa...

Re: The Walking Dead (It's Time!)

****S05E01 Spoiler Alert!*** "They're messin' with the wrong people..." Haha true for sure!! Omgeezus, I just gained a lot more respect for Carol..I mean.."look at the flowers" was badass and all, but THIS!!! Taking down Terminus almost single-handedly...Marvelous!!! Forget Team-...

Re: Ebola Catastrophy

Ebola has kind of made me paranoid though.

A coworker of mine just came back from Nigeria and I have been avoiding him ever since...everyone has! Its sad and probably wrong, but still...why take the risk? I am prepared to run as soon as he coughs.

Re: Ebola Catastrophy

The reality that Ebola is NOT fully treatable and has the potential to infect anyone should definitely keep our eyebrows raised! @Demised: only one statement for you...Every human death should be a catastrophe for other humans; especially if its by uncontrollable means. (Love your views though...its...

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