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Re: What new Lux did you purchase?

Yes i meant that as a brilliant combo of lux pieces. Bought the new haste ring, prob going to buy a valour ring as well as either the 500k bracer or the sun one from the event shop. Soon as I can sell some of this mordy gear lol Wow mord gear sold for event lux.. Makes me depressed considering we ar...

Re: Amount of gold held

Each person has his/her taste, some love fash some gold, some like me great gears available in the game That said the reason most high levels don't have the exorbitant amount of gold desmond posted (12 mill was it) is 1)Too busy gettin to 220 or watever new cap is2) long boss runs dl/edl/endgame 3)G...

Re: spawn rate and drops

Agreed. We all knew rogues are overpopulated in all servers but already purple drop rates are absurd in Fingal server and this increased ph spawn just make it worse. Not a lot of person has time to scout/camp every hour and when they do seeing a ph smiling isn't the best feeling. Hoping OTM for Andr...

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