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Which ring to choose?

So last hrung I got a mighty venomjade ring(60 poison dmg), was thinking which ring I currently use to replace. Atm I use royal ss(ss at 50),Imperial emberdrake ring (attack hp 400,cunning 500)and two runic rings of valor. Was thinking of switching with a valor ring. Would really appreciate any opin...

Re: Lvl 130 rogue stats and gear

1. Strength is key since most of are skills are based off it 2. Enough vital so you don't die 3. The basic of dex (at 130 between 100-150) 4. Get lux or drops that add to vital so you can use less points in it http://i60.tinypic.com/2ngefdz.png Hmm interesting to see u sacrificed attack for a lot o...

Divine strike

So I needed a bit clarification on the divine strike proc on the questline daggers. Is it solely based on how many attacks u land hence ur attack or is there some other factors that decide the strike chance?

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