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Re: Transformation Charms

Oh thanks guys! Now I am sitting on a goldmine, once I get my upgrade to an iPhone 5 in feburary, I will keep it, unless someone offers a RIDICULOUS amount of gold/lux. *cough* *cough* *stuff I want* *hero ammy* *cough cough* *golden trident* *hero gloves* *hero boots* *cough* *cough* *full flint-sp...

Transformation Charms

I have a lvl 48 warrior (Burgoise) that is equipped with a skele king charm, I heard that OTM was taking trans charms out of the game, but some people said it was just growth/shrink. I haven't been able to play CH (iPod 4th) since the update, So I want to know if I can get more undead charms or if t...

Re: Golden Blade or Golden Trident?

What i'm trying to say is that I want something that I can do damage with, but still retain some defensive properties. The Trident had 15 tick hp and foc, and give 45 str and dex, as well as defence +100. I'm just not sure if the blades 200 damage and +75 str is worth it against those stats.

Golden Blade or Golden Trident?

I have a lvl 48 warrior and want to know what I should put in my offhand. As of now I have a minor battleskewer I got from a drop. I have not been able to play since the update (I lost my ipod) but will get an upgrade to an iPhone 5 in February. I have high dex, avg str, and the rest goes in foc and...

Your first clan

My first ever clan i was in was back when I first started playing the game. (Shocker isn't it?) but there were so many clans and I had no clue who was who and which was the best. So i made my own clan called "supernova". I was going to have it be a mages only clan (get the title) but i nev...

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