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Re: Best class for a F2P Player?

Torka wrote:Warrior by far the cheapest.

ive played both, but ranger requires less items/gold to play. i understand warrior is more heavily armored, but right now im running a dex build so a barely touch a resto. you may take less damage as a warrior, but you are hit far less often as a ranger

Back at last

Welcoming my self back as I just got back a couple weeks ago from a deployment. Couldn't wait to get back in the game. Hey otm if you love military members some free plat and a bunch of gold would be awesome. Also since I'm 135 ranger with no frozen. It would be AWESOME if you could spawn in the cre...

Re: finals week x.x

As a senior, took my finals last week. I only had to take 1 final though seeing how I have only 4 classes. Gym and horticulture. And I absolutley slayed my horticulture final. These are my grades

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