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Re: Nothing Changed Since 2011..

-1 to server transfers anyway... why implement a feature that will take so much of OTM’s time and not really give enough benefits to make it worth it. (Maybe even a negative benefit since scammers will use this feature) It will likley cost plat and not just be a free feature (IF) it gets implemente...

Selling Darkflame BP

I have a Darkflame BP for sale on Crom (see Burgoise, or mail me if I'm offline) selling for serious buyers only. If I say I'm bossing, just mail me and I'll get back to you when I'm done.

Re: OW Questline

Honestly your best bet is to just grind sentinel until 145, it takes a while, but it's free and required zero lixes. It might be boring af, so grab some friends who want to to the same and that will make it better. Also do the Blackstone's magus quest in between kills to speed it up a tad.

Re: Spear Ranger

Whenever I did spear ranger as an actual build, not s&g, I found it to be able to keep on par with most rogues my level while I was lixing with them. Once I hit around 150ish I want back to bow simply because I wanted to try out a bow build. But when you say there are no skills for spear ranger,...

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