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Settling back :L

Hey lugh :) About a month ago or so i said i was quiting :$ Now I should be good. Gonna try grinding if anyone wants to level 152 :')

Would like to thank Toycat and Callumallen for making my play again easy :D Good friends good to see still playing.
And the rest of Ancients and other clans :)

Re: Goodbye Valsy....

Omg i really wished Val was just trying to scare me when she told me long ago that she will pass away soon. Really sorry to hear this rick :( I wish you an entire lifetime of happiness as much as possible :/

R.I.P Valsy. You will never be forgotten.

Re: Gonna quit soon.

But Sam, think of the children. Lol gonna miss you Lol aww your still cute as ever :/ Keep them company as daddy goes off to fight! haha ;) Gonna miss u too Daisy. You've really made my time in CH pleasent. I even rmemeber the times you and i first bumped into eachother :L Stay blessed little one a...

Gonna quit soon.

i'm going to quit celtic heroes. I'm sorry to all my friends and clan :( But i've simply lost interest in this game. It seems every update it is only to grind, and at 150 its not enjoyable anymore. Please don't bother too much with this, it's nothing to do with ingame, just my personal selfishness :...

Re: Update

You can try Arwan or Morigan while your waiting. Lugh will be up in like 28 mins from now.

Re: Haters Of Celtic Heroes?

Hello there! Mine name is JACOB! Well there is hate on forums and the game about One Thumb Mobile team. If you dislike the game, get out! Your ruining mine and Everyone else's gaming experience! Do you work your butt off? FACT: 96.3% Of haters of OTM Haven't had a conversation with a Developer. (Th...

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