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Re: Let's play a game! CH: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good: New Areas, New Mobs, New Loots The Bad: No story. Nothing much to do. Only Grind and Level. The Ugly: Less Group activities / Bossing Groups as high level are busy leveling their level to be the highest level with the best gears in his or her world or clan since no other interesting things...

Re: Unsatisfactory Experience

I, on the other hand, have been having quite pleasant responses from OTM support. I have got quests reset when I asked for it. I even got my sigils refunded when I asked for it. May be it is the way we ask? I don't know.. As far as the game is concerned, may be if we have bought plat and not getting...

Re: Loco!

Bazinga wrote:hAHA a chicken farm I wish, my clans doing a contest in which the collector of the most chickens wins a prize :ugeek:

really? :roll: may be I should propose this to my chief.. :D

Diamond Crystal Horn

I am tired of camping SV and killing pink horses and only to get ruby crystal horns instead of a diamond crystal horn. So if anyone of you on Rhiannon have a spare, I am paying 25K gold for it! Just trade me, BluePapaBear. I am usually on around 10:00pm (GMT +8). Sorry not sure of the time conversio...

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