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Re: Where's the balance??

I don’t understand that the higher the mob, the harder they should be to kill however I’m 166 and I do loose a lot of health killing 1* and 2* mobs equal to me in carrow. 3* leave me almost dead and 4* impossible. So if I want to kill just mobs I have to wait for full regeneration each time. The ga...

Re: Events or Permanent Content?

Honestly people are just trying to make excuses for them, technically they do have permanent content and crafting, you have to obtain certain items to create certain armor, there's a lot of different armor too, you don't have to be a plat buyer to get this armor either. They give us the opportunity...


Why are some servers working perfectly fine (arawn) when many other servers are completely f*cked up and no one can log them.

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