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Re: Player ratings!

Categories Most friendly:monina chatter box: Server clown:eddog Most helpfull:ladyn Most honest:galatic Class ratings best warrior:masterk/quin Best Mage:maldor Best rouge:ladyn Best druid:zzll Best Ranger:kurby Overall Best Player of Danu 2015:they don't play but if they did it would be old timer k...

BeAtTz shop

Fasion Sunlit Black boots 10k x0 Black wristguards 15k x1 Black legs 30k x4 Black top 40k x2 White White boots 15k White legs 30k Frostguard Red boots 10k x1 Red gloves 15k x4 Red top 20k x1 Red legs 25k x0 Blue frost guard snow bound hat 40k x1 Blue frostguard boots 15k x1 Blue frostguard legs 30k ...

Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

For one I have never been in asc for 2 kudos seems like they love me and rg allot to always bring up our names for the 3rd you crying over a game you big sook, 40 year old these days act younger than the young.... Asc I just say let them be nothing can save them, 110% of kudos are dogs should see th...

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