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Danus tournament

Hey guys we all have been stress to the max with these edl bosses ect the fighting and bs so I decide to set a pvp tournament I'll be hosting these for the next few weeks depending on how well it goes I might do it as my own event for a bit of fun for danu Everyone on danu is welcome well kinda Rule...

Re: Changes on danu

Is is true Micky allot has change since v1 for me but every few months to a year it seems to change not the updates but the people you once played with have quit or just don't have time anymore, and it just goes on a repeating scale

Rage necro tanked

Today we set our eyes on necro once again our 2nd kill after we had 6 members of the other clan standing in life steal zone of necro since the start of the fight, on the 20th min he rage like always I was expecting tobe wipe, well mastersk tanked necro for a good decent few mins before we kill necro...


Hey I'm looking for a 100% trusted transfer from danu to here no mess around's
Get back to me thank's I go by the name BeAtTz

Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Hey everyone it's BeAtTz i have been playing since v1 very early stages when Max lv was 60, have came along way v1 was the best stage for me, I have been in many clan's my fav have been Wolfpack Chosenones Prime And now the final and last clan ascension im from australia im 21 in July i have a healt...

Re: So it begins

I like to reach lv cap first so I can do events and bosses while the rest are leveling and on lix, but as you know the 6th floor will be soon not that long tbh and being l cap for it will just help our clan even more micky isn't it good to have a high leveled players at a boss, that most can't damage?

Re: So it begins

Very nice guy's it's getting hard to lv now at 211 mobs now have allot more health than they did on 4th floor compared to 5th floor the race isn't over yet cap is 220 :)

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