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In away ES is very powerfull, it takes damage it self Best way is to lv it to 15/15 300 points on it if you want Useing ice well to get more energy is usefull I only got 70 points on energy Heric necklace Almost full warden adds energy per item Health is over 2500 Energy 1000 Than energy well 1400 E...

Wok helms event

I have 34 wolf helms sold all my 100 ones thus is how does. This matter does the price go up? Wolf helm 50-5k 75-7 to 8k 100-10k It's fair really i have only 6 left No matter what it says the magic ones are worth more 50-6k 75-9k 100-14k If someone has a hole set and waits some weeks maybe a long ti...

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