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Afk above the law

So I'm still seeing a someone who I won't name afk all day he's warrior, meanwhile I'm Aussie and in this guy time zone he should be sleeping, he had done this in the pass many times and yet otm just gives warning but to a repeat offender,using a 3rd party app is breaking the rules right well otm be...


Buying all rogue rems and tabs
I have got full Druid war ranger and Mage rems and tabs upgraded sets ready for servers transfers to danu just need full rogue set atm

youtube channel + more

hey guys i play celtic heroes and clash of clans sometimes im starting to making videos about a few games i play come have a look at my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpyjvoh9RMlh5p7vE1y2fQA share and sub for more i have also made a clan for clash of clans RealityWars come join TH 8+ feedb...

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