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Re: SoulsIgnited

Build a doing wheelies bridge armo, Oh no, you have our spear! What are you 5? Seriously its game last time i checked.

Its your clans fault for bloody loosing the thing, so i guess its in the hands of someone that will look after it more :)

Selling some lux :)

Hey guys, i have a few things for sale

Shield of bastion
150 lux ammy
150 lux energy regen brace
Spectral tailsman

If interested please mail me ( shreader )
Thanks :)

Re: Buying a few items :)

Deepdarkness wrote:Welcome to Morrigan! Just stay around in castle for a little while, saw some ppl selling heroic stuff there :)

Yes, thats sort of the plan! :) but i wanna level toooooo haha :) thanks :p

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