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Re: Great 200 event boss tip

^Lol I love how u say 'just use ur sigils' as if we all have tons of them, I personally have only 97 health ones. I havent been in a fight since new engine and generally in a while due lack of time, hope ur all enjoying :) Pop a regen lix, im sure your server is abundant with them just like the oth...

Re: Great 200 event boss tip

Either use sanctuary/natures breath in DPS groups, or run away when boss starts casting AoE. Worry about your reliance on idols rather than fixing idols. First of all you cant out run aoe, and it would be stupid if you did because if you run away every 5 sec you arent doing any dmg. Second of all w...

Great 200 event boss tip

i know how the new idols suck and even if put most of points in vitality it doesn't make a difference and you get 1 hit by aoe because idols heal 1k only. ive noticed that its better to go to the leystone and ride a mount back because you get half health back and on way back your sigils heal the re...

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