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Re: Godly Hrung SS Helm?

i broke the top world heal, i managed to get to 4744, this is using 1 godly, 1 imp, 2 royal spider rings, i royal mordy nat touch brace, 1 royal renewal brace, 1 royal natures touch charm (80 direct), godly nat touch helm, occult boots/bp, edl hands, dl greaves, and a 200 foc/vit neck. And im only ...

Re: All About Gwydion!

friddoo wrote:Squad cant kill necro and unox and rev, well they can probably kill unox and revenant, but they havent :)

They definitely have the potential to kill Revenant and Unox :(

Re: Where to get gold?

Platinum shop or keep levelling up till 70-100 or so then farm stonevale bosses for gold, can make a few hundred k in only weeks, my irl friend made a 110 toon and a 150 toon no plat, within 4 months. played druid called people for stonevale bosses captain blackstorm and priestess of morrigan, save...

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