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Re: Boss Fights

, since most the active population and fun is at the max levels the game wont be fun since you meet a lack of people around your combat level Its too late to start this game. I hope you find out for yourself before you have wasted too much time on it. I would disagree, I had some if not the most fu...

How many HP sigils do you have?

I'm curious as to how many HP sigils a lot of you have, I've been sigil crazy the last 2 weeks and have purchased easily 200+ crates of sigils. since slowly im running out of ancient idols I have just reached my goal of 2.1k HP sigils. Why? Well I've decided on this number because currently I have 4...

Re: Boss Fights

I just wouldn't bother, a raid boss takes 20-40 people all fighting over 3-4 drops after...everyone else gets nothing the whole boss dynamic on this game just creates drama. Bosses requiring this amount of players are all 190+ Drops also depend on the clans distribution system, some are fair and so...

Re: Which world

I am not familiar with other worlds. But Gwydion has very healthy competition, Solitaire and SquadUp are both excellent clans. Both kill all bosses (squad doesn't kill Necro, not from lack of skill but lack of players) Both kill Mordris on sight and all in all is very fun especially with all the loc...

Re: Golden Eagle Flappy Mount

friddoo wrote:
Smellyunder wrote:
FrozenEnchilada wrote:100/50 smelly?

I wish lol. It is 90/30. Heard the 100/50 is white eagle.

lies, it is purple like the staff(no wings)one.
a person on my world has it

They have the purple eagle mythic with wings and also another mythic purple eagle without wings.
So must be 2 types of mounts

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