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Re: Are You Watching?

Spartacus4406 wrote:
pigman wrote:Distract is useless, get a better tank

it is not useless. We don't always have a tank.

Even if it stops you getting the aggro for a short time, eventually after everybody else dies you will get the aggro because no body else has any lol

Re: Spyrestone braces

I can: one of the Admins was talking about this earlier, and how part of the reason there are no spyre bracelets is because not many people are killing Sentinals. Fortunately, there should be more sentinels on Floor Six. Hi, I have been told the following from the design team: "They do drop, j...

Re: The Venomjade ring

We have a godly and some 60-70 pois dmg rings on sulis. What element is the godly? Its godly venomjade ring: 100 pois dmg Sorry I read the post wrong, well gratz that's amazing. I'm not 100% certain but I don't believe Gwydion has got a godly damage ring of any element, there is a lot of imperials....

Re: World Transfers

At the present moment the only way to 'transfer' worlds is to find a trustworthy player that wants some items on the world you are on for items on the world you want to go to. you would have to negotiate the worth of swapping items and accept there is a high possibility you will get scammed, it's ha...

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