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Re: Gele kills

I have many gele kills but so does bluestarr and a couple others. It depends on who does what in each raid but if I'm only on gele the whole time I get the kill even out of lock. I think it's due to gele being weak to magic. I even got the kill once out of group while helping on crystals. But out o...

Re: Which helm to use?

Yea, I get the moon is better but my only concern is the necro raid 100 strength ain't sh*t it probably gives you about 4-7 extra real damage per auto on necro since necro resists pierce damage about 90% which is what strength boosts if your mainhand is a pierce weapon? So it isn't making or breaki...

Re: looking for a world.

Saw a few people suggested gwydion, I'm on gwydion, competition is good most of the year, arena battles hardly happen on any server so no luck there unless it's noobs occasionally fighting other noobs, overall the world is fairly active during mid levels, endgame is mostly bossing and dailies unless...

Re: Gele kills

Class balance between rogues and rangers are much better than u4. Now it depends on your gear and in some cases amount of rogues with EDL rondels present

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