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Re: Global Auction House

tbh this would make sense +1 . think about it it would not mess with ya economies at all.. it only gives fellas from lower end clans a chance to catch up. the whole economy point isnt as much of a impact as you think.. in the end the gold to buy the item in the first place must be there. to me the o...

Re: Glad in arena

Sniper2k wrote:I’ve killed twice, first time was an elite bounty bag that says it had a chance to drop a bounty helm, still not sure what it means by that, second time no drop

bounty helm was a fash item

Re: Game Reset (update required)

But it requires data. That’s the problem. I have unlimited plan so I do it all the time. Never have to connect to WiFi. :lol: How long would it take for ch? I have relatively good data connection. And its very very slow appearently. Edit: it isnt even moving in progress. My update didn’t require an...

Re: Lag and horrible experience

All I know is that I have had absolutely no issues at all with the update on either of my devices. That leans more towards the “device-specific” range. Then they can count many of the players that can't run it smoothly out of the game because many of us arent willing to spend hundreds just to play ...

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