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Difinitus came home!

It was very fun to talk to the community manager today over at the home of rosmerta! he is also now a part of the clan "Forever" so yeah, were automatically the best clan in game! yey https://i.postimg.cc/rFLBmqfG/0_630_Ud018svcmyg2pvyscv4z_u106jy.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/7LbcchL4/j_h2j_Ud...

schwing or difinitus

hey, i had an idea to do if y'all were down. maybe we could plan an interview? like a skype call? discord call? i could record it and post it here or youtube! would be an awesome thing to do. i could gather a list of questions?

fishing query

hi all, im currently a level 164 druid on rosmerta. thats irrelevant lol just proud XD hehe ok.... seriously. If i were to start fishing is it worth it if i put alot of time in? lets say that i put alot of time in and managed to reach level 170. how much gold can i realisticly make if i worked hard ...

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