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Re: Apple app review time

Well at first i understood why it was hateful to get update on a plateform before another...Like update usually are really looked toward players, and knowing some players have it, and other don't is always shown as unfair. But the way the beta system is done allow us to check all content before upda...

Re: Fishing

Everything wrote:Hot damn Level 45 in less than a day..

So much for lasting content :')

well thats 3 hour on lix :D with it it goes really fast lol
But...GG...now u screwed all new content ha :D

Re: Android vs iOS

I would say that they seems so friendly because of the low population. Most servers in android are full of many high level clans, which helps diversity and add more fun in my opinion. But as said previously, this is definitively the same as ios years ago;) I left iOS to Android for mostly the possib...

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