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Re: Signature

Elfylolz wrote:Is there anyway for me to change my signature for forums?

Click your profile Icon, then user control panel, then select the side left menu (hidden by default in mobile view) and choose edit signature :) enjoy

Re: Mounts/pets and fashion

Will all mounts and pets one day in there respected slot? I mean the ones we got efore the newer updates. Example: sparrows/horses/boars/... Sacred watch and the other stayed after the update. Is the idea now of keeping every fashion? On the other hand it would be cool to be able to get it always b...

Re: Auction house!!!1?!!!!!11!!!

The real bad news is the auction tokens function as a one time only listing. So list 6 items pay a token. Two days later list 6 items pay another token. The tokens should permenantly unlock space like backpack/bag expansions. Hell yeah!! This is how itd usually been, and its the best concept so far

Re: Hello everyone

Once druid...every class will seem easy to you, so you did great choice hehe;) Anyway welcome there, enjoy your stay ;) I am not sure how best to build the other classes. Lot of good Druid guides that don't conflict as much. Best way is to try by yourself sadely (well thast what i believe at least!...

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