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Re: Community Update - May

Sweet! Just when I decided to give up on returning to the IOS worlds and starting anew on android, cross-platform gets released soon instead of a few years like I thought it would. Thanks OTM and Muldar, I have been waiting for this feature!

Re: Last OTM Announcement was April 24th... Over a month of silence.

Community Update will be out next week with further details but as a small teaser: July Release: Long awaited community feature (Smaller update to test functionality and make sure there are no issues) August Release: Larger content update with beta prior to release, recent concept arts hinted at wh...

Re: Auction House scamming

Legislative wrote:to me its scamming. its griefing too. oo so he admit it n bragged. shud be banned tho lol

If you believe it's scamming then I will respect that but many scammers probably far worse than this guy are running Scott free and don't get banned.

Re: Auction House scamming

This is not scamming but overpricing. However taking advantage of people using visual tricks is unacceptable. In World Of Warcraft I remembered that the auction house and the economy was so bad on server due to certain players who are probably extremely rich purposely bought every every item and sel...

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