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Re: Areana broke

Difinitus wrote:We have reset the Arena earlier today to alleviate this issue.
cool it just loaded the arena for the first time since the haloween update for me. Whatever you did during reset worked

Re: Bows?

I would recommend buying an ancient war bow. It is 21k in the stonevale shop or you may be able to buy off a player for cheaper. Use that until level 80 where you unlock the bow of four winds. From there move onto meteoric bow at level 110 and adamant at 120. From there just continue along with vend...

Re: Ranger Skills

The best build is a high dexterity build. I recommend leveling up sharpshot longshot and lightheal before any others. You can get to the sewers from inside farcrag castle. It will show up on your mini map Edit: that is the old castle that had a sewer acess. I dont actually know how to get into sewers

Re: Witch Dead

People keep killing this boss in respawn, this is just proof that everyone has accepted the drop conditions that VR has put in this boss, and if they keep killing in these conditions, I don't think they will do anything to change and make this boss fairer for all. Drop going to a random server is n...

Re: Bloodthorn bash

Bloodthorn can easily be done with 25 toons on most servers which is 100 pots per raid, given that you can farm 20 pots per hour per toon it isnt going to be that difficult to get the pots but agree pots are an unnecessary complication Start farming now and you wont have that issue :lol: Ignorance ...

Re: Bloodthorn bash

I think you are all focusing on the big scary macro numbers to much, 2000! When if you drill down into the individual numbers it’s not really all that. It’s not designed around 1 or 2 people farming a whole clans worth, rather about personal responsibility to be prepared to raid. Having to prepare ...

Re: Bow of the Four Winds

From memory i had issues here aswell a ways back. In the posted ss it mentions the sky iron which had me confused for a while. Theres a whole questline around collecting the fallen star pieces and sky iron that unless changed in an update, involved the smuggler in the tavern, a fisherman at the dock...

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