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Re: Best collector in CH?

Zyz it makes me the best because I can make my own farm once otm adds the feature and Can u do that with voids/godly no u can't and also they're worth a lot, curry marsh browns are the rarest in the game then it's red roosters dumpies are rare but not as rare as marsh and red roosters and btw I pref...

Re: why complain?

It seems you didn't get my joke but the point I was making was why is a Druid asking for a buff in dps when they excel in healing and support and there dot damage is amazing a lvl 120 Druid can do 500 damage on me with vines...and I'm 50lvls higher! Druids should be asking for a buff in the support ...

Re: why complain?

Other classes are asking for a buff,so I am going to ask for one aswell I wanna heal as good as Druids since they want dps as good as a rogues...I also want more tanking abilities since warriors are good at being both tanks and dps I wanna be able to do that ...rangers have bolas I wanna skill like ...

Re: Selling

Yea muster sold it to me it I didn't like it..so I'm selling besides that nobody else was selling


Selling greater es greaves. Don't bother giving me ridiculous prices. And I don't think anyone is currently selling es on taranis. Contact me ingame as Rogue101 or here

Re: sneaky or qs for lvling?

lol this may sound stupid but the only reason im using reflex is because of my silverweb charm which gives 5+ to the skills, tbh i hate recasts during lixs so most of the time its not even used however i do use it for bosses when there is no tank

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