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Re: Best collector in CH?

Don't underestimate my chickens zyz they will whoop ure puppy butt...u don't know what they can do once set on u...I have been spamming admin and support to make chicken mounts but they made eagle...I am asking for chicken companions but they made birds I guess otm really hates its chickens

Re: Not asking for nerfs. Just asking for some help.

The evasion reduction on all mobs will help all classes like rogues who's pierce damage is highly resisted we may be seeing quickstricke doing nearly max damage which has never happened before,like mages all classes skills can get interupted e.g. Sneaky for rogues, and all skills are evaded qs gets ...

Re: What kind of build do you like best? (Your input is want

Sneaky Ss Riposte Those 3 are must haves on dex build Then optional are Quickstrike Lifesteal Fast reflexs Assassinate Funny thing is that both sneaky and riposte are at skills and are best to use on St builds from what I have seen sneaky works best on St builds with high damage weapons and riposte...

Re: Str lvling builds?

I use both 150 axe and bounty dagger I use the dagger for regen on long boss fights and poison damage is the least resisted damage and pierce damage increases with St so it's great for St build I use axe for lvling since it gives high raw damage and a great amount of St which really helps my dps

Re: help me with my build

If you use a combo you won't need to use reflex or lfs so u should use 4 damage skills, try to get majority of ure skills to be dex based... I like using on a strength build( which I think is the best for lvling but can be expensive) sneaky,ss,qs,rip,double as you can see I have nearly all St skills...

Re: Which? And why?

I'd say use ammy cause if u get a reaper ring although it's 100 poison damage is a skill it still does the same job and u also have the 4k pierce skill... There are also many charm options u can use a damage one or like me u can use a ice crystal hp brooch... Although it's expensive it's better... I...

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