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Re: Hugnir today!

"I'm never the one to start the trash talk" dopeehead. Is this personal harassment? Who starts the personal harassment? Harassment?? Lol clearly doesn't know the definition. (Google it) you started it so you can't expect no one to reply to you and just let you talk poop. I really don't ha...

Re: Hugnir today!

+1 to kink and curry but dope is still a jackass for bragging over nothing I would have quit this game years ago if it wasn't for the people What do I honestly brag about? There is nothing to brag about. You're clan and mine has their differences and we both trash talk eachother but two wrongs don'...

Re: Hugnir today!

P1R4HN4 wrote:Void isn't the one so desperate as to resort to playing "dice games" in an overcrowded area from the hope of stealing a boss :roll:

Says the guy who got someone temporarily banned by making false accusations.

Re: Hugnir today!

I heard res tried mordris but can't even kill hrungnir. Is it true? Don't **** yourselves. And always remember if you do, don't forget to (wipe). Happppy Valentines Answering you properly is not worth my time, all i will say is stop using up McDonald's wifi we know you like it there a bit too much ...

Re: To P1

P1R4HN4 wrote:Yea ill text u guys, havnt spoke in ages so much to catch up on. I miss u guys too

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