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Re: my otm wish list -

1) Nerf shadowhounds in arcane -.- 2) Class balance 3) Remove place holders Not gonna talk about pvp cuz the way it is, ch isnt for pvp. There is no outplay potential, kiting is non existence in pvp. Stand there and spam your skills and hope the other person dies before you do lol. It's all depends ...

Re: Bring back the content

Come up with some new mounts and I guarantee players will come back. I guarantee you that players will not come back because of mounts... People are quitting because there is nothing interesting to do in the EG. We need more EG bosses, skills like crafting, and no windows. Players will come back wh...

Re: High Auto Attack Damage

Xsyklz wrote:
Kiwi Puff wrote:You can't. They used max assassin lure and shatter on dummy to achieve that. Those numbers mean nothing.

Dummy's are already 0 resistance so using resistance reducing skills on them is pointless. It doesn't further improve damage.

You're right. But my point still stands.

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