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Re: Wards and Edl

The poison resist charms from natan attach are useful to tank this boss. Also, hrung drops armor rings that have poison resist. No wards will really help the op poison damage skill. Its a tougher boss to tank. I still have no idea how much resist will save from how much damage. Is it simply like 20...

Re: Mages Or Rangers?

As far as boss drops (jewellery and weapon) are concerned, mages are easy to gear. However, I wouldn't say that drops for armour are more common for mages than rangers. Rangers are cheap to level although they might not be very fast. They can balance damage and surviveability with their skills and a...

Re: Eagle mounts

Its simple, the top one (that you have) is made by man, whereas the other is made from a mystical tree (the Wyldwood). So obviously tha magical one flies :roll: But tbh, I think OTM shouldn't have had both stick and moving mounts in chests....just stick with one already lol. I just hope the summer ...

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