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Spears are nice, but wish more helms dropped, especially ones with attack and dmg/stat but oh well After years of killing on crom we only have 5 dmg helms the ik of. 2 darks, 2 shadows, and 1 void. They are crazy rare might take a long time. But hey who knows apparently we got a shadow dmg helm the...

Re: OTM keep us informed!

Muldar wrote:
floydypants wrote:So probably not this week then :cry:

Probably not this week but we will be sure to announce it so keep your eyes peeled :)

We have been using tape and matchsticks to keep our eyes open while staring at the screen 24x7

Re: Summer event

Hmm i find it a little strange to start the summer event when the summer is (almost) ended. But the game does not makes that less fun cuz the summer is a little late. This is a game not real life, why should summer in game have to be summer irl Cause that's what happened past 4 years? The game has ...

Re: Summer event

Idk where most of you live but August marks the end of summer for me. Where is this summer event? I know there is another phase of beta and then Apple has to approve so looking at maybe 3 weeks before The "summer" event. does this mean now that we will have a super short time to gain skai...

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