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Re: Most useless mage build

Okay, sometimes I deal 9.8k in a shot but on a regular scale it is 6-8k while fire mages with much less focus deal regular 7k damage with almost no flux. Plus on edl bosses, ice doesn't even tickle them. I have been ice throughout the game because of the drama over fire drops.

Most useless mage build

I want to love ice build but the sheer lack of damage given the slow speed makes it impossible. I know I'm exaggerating but I've come to a point where I feel a 1000 focus mage with 50 shards does less damage than a 500 focus mage with 40 bolt in a single shot.
Love is hard.

Re: Clans

Despite what people say, all the old players in every clan are on good terms with each other, except for a few. However, that doesn't mean there are any rivalries. Sure, some people are pissed and some are happy in their oblivion, we all work together in the end. Try not to malign any clan because o...

Re: Fishing?

Cool. So now our toons can sit by a body if water waiting and waiting and waiting for hours to catch a fish Anything to get us camping non stop again... Something is better than nothing. Would be like chatting randomly in the castle but with an infinitesimally small chance of catching something use...

Re: Selling Good Stuff Not nub stuff

It is annoying to see people calling drops from boss raids, which take an entire group and a lot of resources, their own. In a way, we are to blame because we have spoilt them by handing out drops to them like it was obtained for free. I just want to let you guys know this. A long long time ago, whe...

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